Greenis Premier


Greenis Premier

  • 3.75HP/2800 watts peak motor
  • 2 litre uncrushable BPA free jug with 6 blades
  • Touchscreen Interface with Programmed and Manual Controls
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Operating Power: 1400 Watts
Peak Power:  2800 Watts
Control System: CPU
Blades: SUS 301 High Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel
Jug: BPA Free
Noise: 77-80db
Voltage: 220-240
Frequency: 50-60hz
Weight: 6Kg


Footprint: 19 x 19cm
Base Height: 18cm,
Jug Height: 18cm
Assembled Height: 36cm

Really impressed with the capabilities of this slick looking yet robust machine.

“Quiet and the base stays put instead of precariously dancing all over the kitchen counter. The motor is really powerful, it doesn’t break a sweat when making velvety smoothies, soups, lush cashew cream frosting, nut butters and grinding nuts or oats into a fine meal. The cleaning process could not be easier.


Lazy Cat Kitchen

Quickly become an amazing asset to my kitchen… It’s addictive!

“Having a high-power, high-speed blender is very important for me. I’ve found everything I need for recipe creation of all sorts in my Greenis Power Blender FGR-9800, Premier. With its functions for smoothies, juice, sauces and hot drinks it’s a powerful all-rounder, but the functionality does not stop there: in addition to the aforementioned, I’ve also been able to create banana ice cream, fine oat flour and smooth nut butters without the addition of any oils, which makes this blender exactly what I have been looking for in the kitchen. What I love about this blender is not only its blending capabilities, but also how easy it is to clean.


Romy London UK

“I can’t tell you how much we love using this blender to create recipes for our blog, The Vegan Larder.”

“It makes creating super smooth soups and smoothies a dream, plus also effortlessly grinds coffee (handy when you accidentally buy whole beans!). It made the smoothest butter ever! One of the best things about this blender is how quiet it is . . . The blender is super sturdy so won’t jump off the counter either, so you can use the pre-set settings and set it to blend your juice or smoothie whilst you get on with other things. (Brilliant time saver!)


The Vegan Larder

Well worth considering instead of Vitamix.

“They are incredibly tough, sturdy and have the power and performance that can compete with Vitamix. They are much cheaper than Vitamix but their affordability doesn’t mean that the quality suffers, not at all. All have powerful 3.7 HP motors and are perfectly suited for the high-end home user who likes to do some advanced blending and wants more-than-average results. The Greenis blender is definitely comparable to Vitamix and in some ways, it’s even better than Vitamix blender. I managed to make the most delicious almond milk I’ve ever tasted in my life . . . if you are a fan of nut butters, I cannot recommend this blender highly enough.


Be Healthy Now

“I am in love with this blender!”

“Working as a food photographer and blogger for over 5 years, I have had many blenders at home. I have been using this blender in my work projects over the past weeks and I am very happy with the outcome. I use my Greenis for all my home made plant milks! Whether you’re looking for easy spreads or humous the Greenis will make it in seconds. The Greenis is perfect for creamy soups done in no time. My husband is a bartender and the Greenis is powerful enough to easily crush ice. The Greenis is perfect to make flour from any grain, even corn. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. The Greenis blender combines the latest kitchen technology with a beautiful design.


Ania’s Vibrant Kitchen

Surprisingly easy to use, even though it’s so advanced.

“The Greenis Power Blender FGR-888OT packs a punch with its 3.7 horsepower motor and has a tough BPA-free jug too. I especially like the pre-programmed digital settings for various types of recipes, making it so easy to multi-task in a busy kitchen. There’s automatically a child-lock in place (which I’m so grateful for with having a young son who likes to push buttons!). Pressing the smoothie setting will set the blender on a timer and automatic pulse cycle, leaving you to go about other tasks while the blender gets to work. I use frozen fruit, so I find I get the best results with two smoothie cycles . . . the result is a super-smooth cool drink!


Beyond the Bathroom Scale

The speed – have I mentioned the speed – with which it reduces ingredients to sauce or soup is extraordinary.”

“It’s not often you have a machine that makes your breakfast and your body scrub in one go, while you do not much more than twiddle your thumbs. If there’s a secret to the smoothest and richest almond milk I’ve ever made, it’s in the turbo motor and terrifyingly sharp blade.  Blast the nuts with a little water like a rocket heading to Mars. I just made rice flour! Proper shortbread biscuits here I come. Such a generous jug, an entire family can be catered for in one go.

 If speed isn’t enough to inspire you to shoot for the stars, its sci – fi blue lights surely will. They alert you, like a good teacher to do the right thing. The machine is weighty in the sense of having presence. It asserts itself with authority. You just know that what other blenders can do, this will do better. Faster.  More cleanly. But that’s not all – think you need a second machine with which to make your peanut butter, chocolate nut spread, humous, chicken sandwich filling? Nope. This beauty does it all for you. Add space saver to its attributes. We are talking one intelligent machine here.”


Nadine Anbensurauthor of ‘The Cranks Bible‘, ‘Cranks Fast Food‘, ‘Cranks Light‘, ‘The New Cranks Recipe Book‘, ‘Secrets of a Vegetarian Kitchen‘ and ‘Enjoy

Greenis has its headquarters in Brescia Italy in 2007, where it was founded in 2007. It has a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant in China employing over 100 R&D engineers in design, molding, structure and electronics sectors, Greenis has been awarded the honor National Hi-tech Enterprise in China and is the owner of over 80 patents (design & utility patents) has is accredited with ISO8000, ISO9000 and ISO14000. In addition to creating and manufacturing its own products it supplies ODM for major appliance brands such as Haier, Aux, Catler and Amazon Alexa-Like. Greenis has forged strategic partnership with globally renowned material supplier Tritan from Eastman.

GREENIS products are certified by CE, GS, CB, ROHS, LFGB, FDA, KFDA, UL etc.

Greenis blenders are unmatched for innovation and engineered for strength, performance & visual pleasure.

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