• 3.75HP/2800 watts peak motor
  • 2 litre uncrushable BPA free jug with 6 blades
  • Touch Button Interface with Programmed and Manual Controls
  • Free Shipping within UK

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Greenis boutique blenders match exquisite functionality with Italian sensibility and style. As any Italian will tell you, “The kitchen is a place of art”. Altitude comes with a range of tasteful colours to complement every kitchen.

Effortless Power
The Altitude Universal motor sets an industry high standard with a maximum rating of 3.75HP or 2800 watts. Running operationally at an equally impressive 1400 watts, the Altitude maintains plenty of headroom ensuring self protection and longevity. Used at maximum power Altitude breaks down cell walls releasing micronutrients, revolutionising bio-availability

Power blenders are often rated at 30,000RPM or higher. Invariably these ratings are from bench testing without load. In real world applications blades encounter resistance and speed drops. Under load, high-end power blenders might achieve 12,000 -14,000RPM. Sophisticated micro-controllers allow Greenis Altitude universal motors to achieve speeds of 15,000RPM or more, fully loaded.

The better the motor and insulation, the less the noise. Power blenders are commonly rated 85 – 95DB. The high-quality motors and double sound insulation in Greenis power blenders results in a 77- 80DB rating. (Note: decibels are measured exponentially, meaning 85DB is ten times louder than 75DB.)

Push Button Interface
Greenis Altitude highest quality, electronic button controls for users who prefer a more tactile experience.

Manual and Programmed Control
7 preset programmes (one fully customisable by the user) offer powerful preset hands-free timed, cycles for repeatable blending. A rotary speed dial provides manual control with 15 speeds from super slow to hurricane fast. The speed dial houses LED time and speed displays.

Uncrushable Jug: Maximum Vortex, Easy Clean
Greenis jugs feature 4.5mm thick walls made from BPA-free Tritan plastic – the thickest Tritan jugs in the world, unmatched for durability and toughness. The Altitude 2 litre jug has a uniquely shaped, rounded base creating a vortex that forces ingredients up from the blades and into the centre for consistent processing. The shape also facilitates easy cleaning. Transparency allows you to observe food processing and offers raised calibrations for measuring in ounces, cups, litres or millilitres.  Unlike Vitamix, Altitude only needs one multi-purpose jug for wet and dry applications. The jug comes with a tamper to push food downwards without jamming the blades or the tamper. This allows you to you manipulate ingredients that other blenders simply hollow out – and to blend thick, dense ingredients that would bring other blenders to a halt. A handy lid plug doubles as a measuring cup and allows you to run the machine with or without the tamper. (The tamper is designed to be used safely through the lid, attempting to use the tamper freehand without the lid is dangerous and voids the warranty.)

High Precision Japanese Blades
Greenis Altitude Japanese stainless steel 6-blade assemblies are integrally aligned and tested to optimise the blending power of the powerful motor and ergonomically shaped jug. Our engineers test blade efficiency and toughness by crushing hard objects such as glass – or blending a whole apple without water. Greenis blades are not one size fits all, but tailored to the machine for maximum performance.

Steel Blade Locking Plate
Unlike other power blenders that use plastic locking plates, Altitude blades are locked in place with industrial grade steel locking plates,

Steel Drive Socket
The drive socket couples motor rotation to the jug. Greenis Altitude drive sockets are stainless steel, not plastic, ensuring smooth power transmission and damage resistance.

BPA Free
Greenis has partnered with industry leaders Eastman Tritan ensuring that all surfaces that come into contact with food are BPA free.

Maximum Safety
Like other high-end machines, Greenis has current and temperature overload protection. However, Greenis Altitude takes safety much further, security systems activate if the jar is not properly placed on the motor base; when an unintended operation is accidentally applied to the control panel or when the blades are obstructed – adding additional protection to your machine and your family.

Maximum Creativity
Blend vegetables to make your own raw living soup, heat any preparation using blade friction, make professionally perfect smoothies. Grind flour from grains, grind coffee and spices, puree baby food, create nut butters and milks, pesto, breadcrumbs. Crush ice. Mix, chop and whip fabulous savoury preparations and mouth watering desserts. The creative possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Self Cleaning
OmniBlend is easy to clean. For juice bars making drinks and smoothies, a quick rinse with water between preparations is all that is required. After blending thicker ingredients such as soups or dips, fill the jug with warm water and a few drops of washing up liquid, put the appliance on high speed for 30 to 60 seconds, then rinse and dry. Just wipe the rest of the surfaces with a damp cloth. Please note that OmniBlend is not suitable for use in dishwashers and shouldn’t be cleaned with abrasive cleaners or scourers.

7 Year Warranty
Altitude provides confidence with a 7 year limited warranty on the motor, 2 years on parts (link)

Recipe Book
Every machine comes with a full colour recipe book with over 100 blender recipes that can be followed verbatim or modified to suit your needs

Make Perfect Nut Butter
Lightly roast your choice of nuts on a baking sheet in a low oven for 5 – 10 mins, this is important to release the oils and flavour from the nuts. Once cooled, transfer to Greenis blender and blend on 1, gradually increasing the speed to 5 once the nuts have become finer. You may need to use your tamper. Leave your nut butter crunchy or blend until very smooth. Keep in the fridge in an airtight container to preserve freshness. Make a little nut milk by blending some water with the nut butter at the bottom of the jug after emptying, making clean up easy!

Science and common sense assert the importance of diet for promoting vibrant health. Cooking destroys many vitamins and nutrients. Juicing requires throwing away up to 70% of the natural fruit or vegetable. Valuable nutrients locked inside the pulp, skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables can’t be absorbed unless the phytonutrients trapped within plant cells are broken down to release them. Greenis’s powerful action ruptures the cell walls of every part, making phytonutrients bio-available in the form of delicious, natural wholefood juices and soups. With a Greenis in the house there is less need for expensive supplements.

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